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how to backup contacts to google drive

Today we will talk about how to backup contacts to google drive or restore them back to your phone if needed. Nowadays everyone has thousands of contact numbers on their mobiles which we use to talk to our loved ones or anyone when needed.

Since the numbers are very large, it is a difficult task to remember them. That’s why we have a backup option on our mobile with the help of which we can save as many Phone numbers as we have in our Phone to Google Drive. Can save contacts with ease.

how to backup contacts to google drive

It’s an online service and it’s completely free, there are no charges of any kind, it’s a completely free service from Google. So why don’t we take advantage of this and save our contacts in Google Drive and when we need it we can restore them back to our mobile that too within seconds.

google contacts – android Buckup On google drive

First of all, let’s take a little bit more about Google Drive and how Google Drive works. Google Drive is Online storage that lets you save your documents, videos, contacts, etc. online. To save all this you need a Gmail ID also known as Google Account. Now login to Google Drive with the help of this account. And you can save your documents, audio videos, contacts, etc. in it.

Generally, Android phones have an option of automatic syncing which automatically saves your contacts in Google Drive but if any mobile is not saving contacts automatically, then the following procedure is also required, no need to worry. I will give you a complete guide on how to save and restore contacts on Google Drive.

how to backup contacts to google drive

How to google contacts backup & restore Through Google Drive

Backup Method

Now let me tell you how to restore & backup contacts. The first thing you have to do is go to your mobile settings and find the User Accounts option. Later in mobile, this option is available under the name of Google Account. After that, you have to type on it and open its settings. Here you will see your Gmail ID, you have to click on it and click on the Account Sync option. After clicking on it you will get the contact option which you have to turn on you are saved in google drive.

how to backup contacts to google drive

Restore Method

Now let me tell you how you can restore Contacts back to your mobile. Once again you have to go to settings. This time open find with your Google account name. As soon as you find the Google Account option, you will find the restore option at the bottom from the last number. There will be many options in this option but the top one will be the contacts restore option which you have to type and restore on your mobile.

how to backup contacts to google drive

I hope you liked my article if you are facing any kind of problem restoring or backup Phone contacts then you can ask me in the comment section I will help you as soon as possible. I will try to reply soon.

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