Which SIM is Best for Internet in Pakistan

To know Which SIM is Best for Internet in Pakistan, in today’s article we will find out which SIM gives the best internet in Pakistan. The Internet has become an important part of our life, it is impossible to live without it, so in today’s article, we will see which sim is best for the internet in Pakistan. At present, four major companies are providing mobile internet service in Pakistan, including Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor. All four companies are currently providing 4G internet service in Pakistan.

Which SIM is Best for Internet in Pakistan

Jazz Super 4G

First of all, in this article, we will talk about Jazz because Jazz claims that it is the fastest internet in Pakistan. Jazz is Pakistan’s largest network in terms of the number of users. Jazz is providing internet in Pakistan on 4G LTE technology. A survey was conducted in Pakistan Speedtest in which the Jazz speed ​​was tested from various aspects and Jazz perform very well.

Jazz 4G Speed in Pakistan

Jazz Pakistan has won the Award from Speedtest and scored very well which is 14.97 which is quite well and average download speed is 15.95 Mbps and the upload speed is 11.95 Mbps.

Telenor 4G

The second largest mobile internet company in Pakistan is Telenor with 47 million subscribers. Telenor in Pakistan is known for its wide coverage pattern. Because in Pakistan, Telenor has the smallest 4G LTE band which consists of 850 MHz. That’s why Telenor is the company with the widest coverage in Pakistan and its coverage indoors is also excellent.

Telenor 4G Speed in Pakistan

Telenor 4G Internet has also been tested by Speedtest from different aspects in which Telenor has tried to give its best Telenor’s download speed 6.72Mbps And upload speed. 3.70Mbps.

Zong 4G

Next comes Zong which has a 40 million customer base in Pakistan. Zong Chinese mobile network is providing its services in Pakistan. Zong packages are also very good. Zong is the second largest network in Pakistan in terms of internet and the speed of Zong 4G is also very good. Zong was earlier known as Paktel in Pakistan, which was not very popular among the users, so after that, it was renamed Zong and made a great entry and soon it gained a lot of attention among the users. became popular.

Zong 4G Speed in Pakistan

Zong’s internet speed has also been tested in Pakistan on a different basis after which the company has concluded that Zong 4G’s download speed is 14.39Mbps and upload speed is 12.34Mbps.

Ufone 4G

And finally, we will talk about Pakistan’s own network Ufone 4G. It is followed by Ufone which has a 30 million customer base. Ufone Pakistan has its own network. This is very popular among the users because your super card Ufone is a 3G network first then it got a license of 4G and start its 4G LTE technology in Pakistan.

Ufone 4G Speed in Pakistan

Ufone’s internet speed in Pakistan has improved a lot and after testing, Ufone’s Internet speed is as follows. download speed is 4.99Mbps and upload speed is 2.74Mbps.


We have shared the information of all 4 companies with you but it cannot be denied that the internet speed depends on your region and city.

Which Mobile Network is Best for Internet in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about which mobile network is best for internet in Pakistan. If seen in terms of numbers, according to various surveys, it is the number 1 company that is providing the Fastest 4G at this time is Jazz

But if the customer wants more data in the weekly package, the best company is Zong, which is providing 40GB of data and 250 other network minutes for just Rs. 420. On the other hand, Jazz is Providing 30GB of data at the price of Rs. 425.


If you want a network with better quality of service and new technology such as Jazz’s VoLTE Voice Over LTE technology you can make calls while on the 4G LTE network. The call quality becomes excellent and the voice is obvious it goes our personal rise is Jazz and it also gives the fastest 4G internet in Pakistan the download speed is quite well because Jazz is Pakistan’s number 1 network and contains new technology Jazz also gives eSIM in Pakistan. So we will choose Jazz but if you have an opinion about any other network then you should choose it.

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