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How to Check SCOM Balance – A Complete Guide 2024

In today’s article, I’ll guide you on how to check your Scom SIM balance. Whether you already have an Scom SIM or you’re new to it, I’ll provide you with information about Scom SIM and explain the steps to check your balance. Let’s get started on finding out how to check your Scom SIM balance.

How to Check My SCOM SIM Balance

To check your SCOM SIM balance, I have shared two convenient methods with you. You can either use a dedicated application or a specific USSD code. Either of these methods will help you easily determine your SCOM SIM balance. Let’s explore both options for checking your balance.

How to Check SCOM Balance

Method 1: Check SCOM SIM Balance By Code

  • Dial the status code to check the SCOM balance.
  • Open the dialer of your mobile phone
  • Dial the *125# code there.
  • After a few seconds, your balance will appear on the screen.

Method 2: Check SCOM SIM Balance By Mobile App

You can now conveniently check your SCOM SIM balance using the SCOM mobile application. To do this, simply download the SCOM application from your device’s respective app store or Play Store.

  • Download the SCOM mobile application from your respective Play Store.
  • Open the application register in it and log in to your application.
  • As soon as you log into the application, your balance will be shown at the top of your screen.

Method 3: Check SCOM SIM Balance By Customer Service Helpline

In this method, you can contact the SCOM mobile operator helpline to check your balance. Simply call their helpline, express your inquiry or complaint, and a customer service representative will guide you through the verification process. Once the verification is complete, the SCOM operator will provide you with information about your mobile balance.

  1. Dial 111-726-726 from your SCOM number.
  2. Follow the voice prompts to connect with a customer service representative.
  3. Once connected, kindly request the representative to check your balance for you.

They will assist you in verifying and providing information about your SCOM SIM balance.


In conclusion, I’ve shared three easy procedures with you to check your SCOM balance. You can choose any of these methods, and by following the provided steps, you’ll be able to check your SCOM balance effortlessly and without any hesitation.

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