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Are Jazz and Warid Same Network – Jazz and Warid Become Single Network

In this article, I will delve into the relationship between Jazz and Warid networks. It’s worth mentioning that Warid Pakistan was later acquired by Jazz and merged into a unified network. Jazz is a highly regarded and robust network in Pakistan, renowned for its exceptional services and package deals.

PTA organized an auction for the 4G license, and Warid emerged as the successful bidder, ushering in the era of 4G services in Pakistan. Meanwhile, Jazz had the exclusive 3G license, giving it the monopoly on 3G services. Later, Jazz acquired Warid, a move that not only unified the two networks but also transformed Jazz into a 4G service provider.

are jazz and warid same

On November 26, 2015, a significant meeting occurred, resulting in an agreement between VimpelCom and Dhabi Group. According to this agreement, Jazz and Warid would work together under a single brand. Originally known as Mobilink, Jazz and Warid merged in January 2017, embracing a new brand identity as Jazz. This partnership gave rise to a new network, as they pooled their resources and services.

Are Jazz and Warid Packages the Same

Let’s talk about the packages offered by Warid and Jazz. What’s interesting is that the packages for both Warid and Jazz are identical. The same dialling codes that were previously exclusive to Jazz are now applicable to Warid as well, allowing access to any package.

So, whether you have a Jazz SIM or a Warid SIM, you’re essentially part of the same network and can enjoy its benefits like wider coverage, more services, and hopefully, better signal (depending on your location).

Jazz Warid All Packages Are the Same

Ever since Jazz acquired Warid and merged into a single network, all Jazz packages, including those for calls, internet, and SMS, are now available for both Jazz and Warid numbers. In simple words, the same package codes previously used for Jazz can now be used for Warid as well, enabling users to activate the same packages seamlessly.


In conclusion, the journey of Jazz and Warid from separate entities to a unified network has brought about remarkable changes. The collaboration not only introduced 4G services and a fresh brand identity but also made their package offerings identical. Now, whether you’re a Jazz or Warid user, you can enjoy the same packages.

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