Are Jazz and Warid Same Network – Jazz and Warid Become Single Network

In this article, I’ll explore the connection between Jazz and Warid networks. It’s important to note that Warid Pakistan was eventually acquired by Jazz and integrated into its network. Jazz has been a widely appreciated and strong network in Pakistan, known for its excellent service and package offerings.

PTA conducted an auction for the 4G license, which Warid successfully acquired, leading to the introduction of 4G services in Pakistan. Meanwhile, at that time, Jazz held the exclusive 3G license, making it the sole provider of 3G services. Subsequently, Jazz acquired Warid, and this acquisition transformed Jazz into a 4G network provider.

are jazz and warid same

On November 26, 2015, a meeting took place where VimpelCom and Dhabi Group came to an agreement. According to this agreement Jazz and Warid would collaborate under a single brand. Initially known as Mobilink, Jazz and Warid joined forces in January 2017, adopting a fresh brand identity as Jazz. This partnership marked the birth of a new network as they combined their resources and services.

Are Jazz and Warid Packages the Same

Now, let’s discuss the packages offered by Warid and Jazz. Interestingly, the packages for both Warid and Jazz are identical. The same dialling codes that were once exclusive to Jazz can now be used with Warid to access any package.

Following the collaboration of Jazz and Warid, the combined subscriber base of these two networks has surpassed fifty million.

Jazz Warid All Packages are the Same

Since Jazz acquired Warid and they have become a unified network, all Jazz packages, whether for calls, internet, or SMS, are now applicable to both Jazz and Warid numbers. In simple terms, the same package codes that were used for Jazz can now also be used for Warid to activate the same packages.

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