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ONIC – A New Network in Pakistan Complete Details

In today’s article, I will talk about a new network that has made its debut in Pakistan called ONIC. Yes, it has come to compete with some of the most extensive networks in Pakistan, which is advertising as Pakistan’s first digital telco. A few leaks of the network have already been seen ahead of its launch on July 17.

The pre-launch declaration was issued by Bilal Munir Sheikh, a well-known personality in the telecommunications industry and the assigned Country General Manager for ONIC. This announcement has garnered significant attention in the telco sector as ONIC prepares for its upcoming launch.

Bilal Munir Sheikh’s prominent role in the company and the telecom industry adds to the anticipation surrounding ONIC’s debut.

ONIC Pakistan Start Beta Trials

ONIC Pakistan started its Beta tests launched in Karachi & Lahore, and more cities will join soon! Stay tuned & wait for ONIC to start the trial in your city for an exclusive experience.

What Dose Means MVNO?

MVNOs are special wireless service providers that don’t own their network infrastructure. They rent network capacity from mobile network operators (MNOs) and provide excellent services and pricing without investing in their infrastructure. So that’s why ONIC Pakistan will use Ufone signals to operate in Pakistan.

What is ONIC Network

ONIC is a new digital network in Pakistan which means ONIC has no physical tower to maintain signals it operates on Ufone signals. When discussing the history of ONIC Network, there have been leaks about the network even before its official launch in Pakistan.

According to certain sources, ONIC Network is said to be operating on Ufone signals in the country, and its services are expected to be provided exclusively through Ufone signals.

ONIC - A New Network in Pakistan Complete Details

However, it’s important to note that ONIC Network officials have not yet officially confirmed these details. As such, we should refrain from drawing definitive conclusions until further information becomes available from the company.

The excitement surrounding ONIC Network’s potential entry into the Pakistani market remains high, and we eagerly await official announcements to shed light on the network’s offerings and features.

ONIC Pakistan Launch Date

As of now, a specific launch date for ONIC Network in Pakistan has not been officially confirmed. However, some sources have indicated that the network is expected to be introduced in the country within the coming days.

The anticipation for the launch of the ONIC Network in Pakistan is growing, and many are eager to experience the services it will offer. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.

ONIC Pakistan SIM Code

ONIC Pakistan SIM card comes with a unique 0339 phone number code! Unlike other mobile service providers in Pakistan, you’ll get a particular phone number that’s yours alone.

ONIC SIM Numbers List

ONIC has categorized its SIM cards into three distinct categories: Purple, Gold, and Platinum. Each category comes with a different price, and within each category, you’ll find different numbers available. Additionally, you have the option to acquire these numbers through the ONIC App.

ONIC SIM Price in Pakistan

Currently, ONIC Pakistan provides complimentary delivery of SIM cards with standard numbers at no additional cost. However, specific prices are outlined below if you wish to obtain a Platinum, Gold, or Purple number.

  • Standard SIM Card Price Currently Free.
  • Purple SIM Card Rs. 600.
  • Golden SIM Card Price Rs. 4,500.
  • Platinum SIM Card Price 22,500.

ONIC eSIM Price in Pakistan

Currently, ONIC offers free eSIM for standard numbers in Pakistan. However, if you wish to obtain a golden, purple, or platinum number, the prices for these eSIMs are the same as for traditional physical SIM cards.

ONIC Works on Non-PTA Mobile Phones?

When it comes to ONIC SIM cards working in non-PTA it’s important to note that ONIC SIMs will not function on devices that are not PTA-verified. The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), has implemented a device verification system, and users are required to pay the necessary tax to have their SIM cards operational in their phones. This rule applies to ONIC SIM cards as well.

ONIC Coverage In Pakistan

ONIC operates on the Ufone network in Pakistan, ensuring that wherever Ufone’s network reaches within Pakistan, ONIC’s network coverage is also available. This means that if you have a Ufone signal, you’ll likely have ONIC coverage too. It’s important to note that ONIC’s network is closely tied to Ufone’s network infrastructure, ensuring reliable service nationwide.

How to Get ONIC SIM In Pakistan

The procedure introduced by ONIC to get ONIC SIM in Pakistan. Here is the step-by-step, Guide first you need to go to their application and log in. After that, an OTP code will be sent to your email, which you can log into your account after entering.

ONIC - A New Network in Pakistan Complete Details

After that you will see the physical SIM new number and the transfer number option will be displayed in front of you, now you have to select the new number option and enter some parts of your favourite number to get the up number. For example, enter 4 to 7 favourite digits that you like and select your category from the relevant categories such as Platinum, Gold, Purple and Standard.

ONIC - A New Network in Pakistan Complete Details

After selecting your favourite number, now you have to provide some information about yourself like your ID card number, your full name, your address, your mobile number, etc. After that the representatives of ONIC Pakistan will contact you and you will be sent to your SIM home their representative will come and do your biometric verification, and after that, you can activate your ONIC SIM.

Currently, ONIC Pakistan delivers only to major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi etc.

ONIC Internet Packages in Pakistan

Let’s explore the internet packages offered by ONIC, which seem to be quite budget-friendly compared to other leading networks in Pakistan, based on initial reports. Their best internet package stands out, providing 30 GB of data, 500 minutes for all networks, and 1000 SMS, all for just Rs 123, valid for 30 days.

ONIC Pakistan provides three introductory internet packages that include SMS and minutes. Let’s discuss these packages in more detail.

Epic Plan

PackagePackage Details
Package NameEpic Plan
MinutesUnlimited (FUP 5000)
FUP (Fair Usage Policy)
Internet MBs 30GB
Subscribe CodeONIC Mobile App
PriceRs. 890 (inc tax)
Validity30 Days

Iconic Plan

PackagePackage Details
Package NameIconic Plan
MinutesUnlimited (FUP 5000)
FUP (Fair Usage Policy)
Internet MBs100GB
Subscribe CodeONIC Mobile App
PriceRs. 1290 (inc tax)
Validity30 Days

Limit Less Plan

PackagePackage Details
Package NameLimit Less
MinutesUnlimited (FUP 5000)
FUP (Fair Usage Policy)
Internet MBs200GB
Subscribe CodeONIC Mobile App
PriceRs. 1990 (inc tax)
Validity30 Days

FUP Stands For in ONIC

ONIC offers its packages based on a (FUP) which stands for Fair Usage Policy. This means that ONIC provides 5,000 minutes as part of the package. Once a customer has used up these 5,000 minutes, any additional usage will be subject to the terms and conditions of the customer’s plan, which may include additional charges or rates.

According to their Android App. This attractive offering has caught users’ attention, and ONIC’s competitive pricing is positioning it as an appealing choice for internet services in the country.

ONIC Helpline Number

As of now, ONIC does not have a physical helpline number. However, if you have any queries or require assistance, you can utilize the Live Chat feature to interact with an ONIC representative.


  1. What documents do I require to purchase a SIM Card?

    You do not require any documents. You will be required to enter the CNIC during registration and a physical biometric verification through fingerprint will be scheduled.

  2. How can I sign up for the ONIC Mobile Application?

    To sign up for the mobile application, have the ONIC Mobile Application installed and open on your mobile phone. Use a valid email ID for signup and agree to the terms and conditions. Enter the received One-Time Password (OTP) to complete the registration. Now you can access the Onic mobile application to make a purchase of plans or add-ons or track usage.


In conclusion, it is evident that ONIC is a new network in Pakistan and could potentially address the prevalent network issues in various regions. Many places in Pakistan suffer from poor call quality and subpar internet speeds, with some areas still lacking 4G coverage.

While offering affordable packages is a positive step, ONIC must prioritize delivering excellent voice and internet quality to its customers to compete effectively with other major networks in the Pakistani market. By focusing on providing top-notch services, ONIC has the opportunity to make a significant impact and win over customers from established networks.

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