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How to check Internet Speed on Mobile

If you don’t know your internet speed and want to know How to check Internet Speed on Mobile.
The Internet has connected humans to humans and the whole world in one place. The fastest internet in the world at the moment is 4g from most of them. There is fast internet in some countries which are 5G service. In some countries, 5G internet has been launched which is the fastest internet of the time and others are working on it.

how to check internet speed on mobile

The internet is something that you can watch whenever you want. The biggest source of the internet is your mobile which stays with you all the time. The internet is also being used extensively in Pakistan. If you look, there is internet everywhere in everyday life whether it is banking sector or universities, or any work related to the field of life. The Internet net has become a part of our life.

Today the fastest internet is preferred. The faster the internet, the more people will use it. 5G internet has come in many countries, the fastest wireless internet in the world at that time, but still some countries are using 4G network. For those countries, 4g is the fastest internet in their country. Pakistan is a 4G internet country at this time but trials of 5G have also been completed.

how to check internet speed on mobile

How to check Internet Speed on Phone

In this article, I will tell you How to check Internet Speed on Phone. There are two ways to find out the speed of the internet on your mobile.

Method 1:-

when you click on the given link, you will be taken to a website that will check your internet speed and tell you how fast your internet is.

Method 2:-

In this method you will have to download an Android application from Google Play Store they will download the application from Play Store, open it on your mobile, then you will see a button on it which has Go written on it. If you press that button then it will start testing your internet. After a while, you will see your internet speed on your mobile screen.

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