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Jazz cash to Bank Transfer Limit in – Updated 2024

in this article, I will tell you about Jazz cash to Bank Transfer Limit in 2024. Jazz Cash is one of the most popular online deposit services in Pakistan. You can send and receive money from it. It is one of the most popular applications in Pakistan. It allows you to pay your electricity bills You can buy tickets from it and get a lot of benefits from it.

Jazz cash Bank Transfer Limit

JazzCash to Bank Transfer limit can vary based on factors such as your account type, transaction history, and other relevant considerations. JazzCash, like other mobile financial service providers, often sets daily, weekly, and monthly transaction limits to ensure security and regulatory compliance.

The Jazz Cash to bank transfer limit depends on a few factors.

1. Account type

  • Regular JazzCash account
    • Daily limit: Rs. 10,000
    • Monthly limit: Rs. 25,000 (free transactions) / Rs. 500,000 (with charges)
  • JazzCash Asaan Digital Account:
    • Daily limit: Rs. 50,000
    • Monthly limit: Rs. 800,000

2. Transfer method

  • Inter-bank transfer (IBFT)
    • Free for up to Rs. 25,000 per month.
    • Subsequent transactions within the same month: 0.1% + tax on the amount of Rs. 200 + tax (whichever is lower).
  • 1-Link transfer:
    • Instant transfer up to Rs. 50,000 to any 1-Link connected bank account.
  • Biometric verification transfer:
    • Up to Rs. 50,000 to any bank account with biometric verification.

3. Bank account

  • Some banks might have lower limits for receiving JazzCash transfers.

Keep in mind

  • These limits apply to individual transactions. You can make multiple transactions within the limits as long as the total amount doesn’t exceed them.
  • Charges might apply for exceeding free transaction limits or using specific transfer methods.
  • Your KYC verification level might affect your limits.
  • It’s always best to check the JazzCash website or app for the latest and most accurate information about your specific account limits, especially for transfers to your bank.


In conclusion, understanding the JazzCash to Bank Transfer Limit is pivotal for users engaging in financial transactions through the platform. The transfer limit can vary based on the account type, transaction history, and other relevant factors. JazzCash, like other mobile financial service providers, implements daily, weekly, and monthly limits to ensure secure and compliant transactions.

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