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How to Check How Many SIM on My CNIC – Latest Method 2024

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has allowed Pakistani citizens to register 5 SIM cards on a single NADRA-issued issued CNIC and 5 data SIMs. If you do not know How to Check how Many Sim on my CNIC don’t need to worry about this I will tell you 2 different methods you can apply 1 of them and check How to Check how Many sims are on my CNIC.

Here are Some Methods to Check How Many SIMs are On your CNIC

Let’s begin with the online method. You can visit the official PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) website and enter your National Identity Card (NIC) number. Once you do this, the website will provide you with information about the number of SIM cards registered under your name associated with your NIC.

Here are the steps to check the number of SIM cards registered under your name on the PTA website:

  1. Go to the PTA SIM Information Website.
  2. Enter your CNIC (National Identity Card) number.
  3. Fill in the Captcha code for verification.
  4. Click the “Submit” button.
  5. The website will then display the number of SIM cards registered under your CNIC.
How to Check How Many SIM on My CNIC

Offline Method: Check How Many SIMs are On Your CNIC

Indeed, this method is convenient as it doesn’t require internet access or visiting a website. Simply send an SMS with your CNIC number to 668, and you’ll receive a reply message detailing the number of SIMs registered against your CNIC.

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Type your CNIC number without dashes (-).
  3. Send it to 668.
  4. After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS with information about how many numbers are registered under your CNIC.

Please note that a fee of PKR 2 + tax is deducted for each SMS sent to 668.


In Conclusion, it’s important to know how many SIMs are linked to your ID card to avoid any potential issues. If you discover unfamiliar SIMs, deactivate them and report to PTA immediately to protect yourself.

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