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How to book Bus ticket online Pakistan step by step Guide

If you want to book a Bus ticket online Pakistan, then in today’s article, all the procedures are explained on how you can book a business ticket at home, that too with the help of your mobile or laptop, absolutely free. Today, if you want to travel anywhere, you need a ride, and if you want to travel far, you can’t go in your car, How you can book tickets to different cities sitting at home with the help of your mobile or laptop.

Gone are the days when you first went to a bus stand and waited in line for hours before your turn came and when you booked your ticket, times have changed. No need to work, just pick up your mobile and do the same thing in a few minutes for which you have to wait.

How to book Bus ticket online Pakistan step by step Guide

Online Bus Ticket System in Pakistan

Now let’s discuss which bus or bus companies in Pakistan are providing this service. So all primary bus services of Pakistan are providing this service including Faisal Movers Daewoo Roadmaster Niazi Express Power International Skyways Bilal Travels Silk line included.

Of course, a question must be coming to your mind in which cities this service is available, then you do not need to worry, this is an online service, you can get it wherever you want, and it is available in all major cities of Pakistan. Works and is readily available everywhere.

How to book bus tickets online using a laptop

If you want to do it with the help of your laptop, below are some of the websites that you can go to and book tickets easily. Here you may have a question that you have booked the ticket but how will you pay the ticket fee so there is no need to worry about it. You can also do it through K-Thru or your mobile bank application.

How to book Bus ticket online Pakistan step by step Guide

You can easily book bus tickets to reach your respective destination by visiting all the above-mentioned websites with the help of your laptop. All these websites provide the fare for your respective destination along with the payment method and which cities have online bus ticketing systems. You can take the help of JazzCash Easy Paisa and your mobile bank to pay the fare.

How to book bus ticket booking On Mobile

If you are an Android user or an iPhone user then you have to go to your respective app store play store and download the applications which are listed below. As soon as you sign in to the application, you will see various options from which you have to select the bus option and select your respective route and date on which day you want to travel. All relevant available bus lists will be displayed on that day Select your preferred bus service then select the seat you want to sit and book the ticket by giving your ID card number name mobile number and Email.

How to book Bus ticket online Pakistan step by step Guide


In the end, this is the service introduced by all the bus services of Pakistan to book tickets online at home, so this is a great service, you must take advantage of it, but think about which bus service you should choose. And how comfortable it is and what services are included in it, whether it is business class, economy class or executive class, it depends on you which service you choose, enjoy your journey.

I hope you like my article keep visiting our site we keep updating such articles and if you have any queries about booking tickets online then comment below. You can ask me and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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