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Telenor Quiz Today October 3, 2023 If you are using a Telenor SIM and want free internet through a Telenor Quiz, then you are at the right place. There is a question-answer Telenor Quiz game, which consists of 5 questions and users get free internet if they answer them correctly. Stay tuned to this article to know the exact answer to Telenor Quiz Today October 3, 2023.

My Telenor App Answer Today

Telenor Pakistan has its own official Android and iOS application which you can download from your respective play store. After downloading the application, you will see the option of Test Your Skills, on which five questions will be asked, the answers to Questions will be listed in the article, below and you can get free internet by answering these questions.

Today Telenor Quiz Answers October 3, 2023

Question 1: What did the F stands for in F Scott Fitzgerald’s name?

Answer: Francis

Question 2: What is the title of George Orwell’s dystopian novel about a totalitarian regime?

Answer: 1984

Question 3: Who was the first Pulitzer Prize


Question 4: Which American author wrote “The Great Gatsby”?

Answer: Fitzgerald

Question 5: How many lines are there in a Shakespearean sonnet?

Answer: 14

Today My Telenor App Answer

Through the My Telenor app, you can get internet MB on a daily basis also by answering questions from the My Telenor quiz very easily you can get free internet through the My Telenor app. when you complete all these If done correctly, you will see some congratulating you on getting free internet MB on your mobile screen.


  1. How many questions were asked in the My Telenor App quiz?

    there is 5 question asked in my Telenor app quiz on a daily basis.

  2. How much MB will get after answering the question.?

    You will get 150 MB after answering all 5 questions correctly.

  3. Non-Telenor users can get free MB?

    No! Only Telenor customers get free internet

  4. How to get Telenor free internet MB?

    Test your skills and answers the question and get Free internet MB.


In Conclusion: If you want to get free internet, then all the questions are answered in this article, you can go to My Telenor App and see all the questions and come here and check their answers and get free internet by answering them correctly. This is the easiest way to get internet that too for free. All questions and answers are updated on a daily basis you can visit daily and get these answers to the Telenor Quiz from here.

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