Jazz vs Zong Internet Speed Which is Fast?

In today’s article, we will see Jazz vs Zong Internet. Jazz and Zong are both the fastest networks and there is so much competition between them.

So, deciding which network has the fastest internet speed will be difficult. In today’s article, we will look at which of the two networks provides the fastest internet service.

Jazz vs Zong Internet Speed

Both networks perform very well according to their capacity 1 has a higher downloading speed 1 has a higher uploading speed one is best for online streaming and one is best for downloading.

But we can’t deny that our environment for testing the speed of both networks is very useful depending on the environment we are testing the speed.

jazz vs zong internet speed

About Jazz 4G LTE

At the moment, Jazz is the largest network in Pakistan in terms of its number of customers. Jazz was launched in 1994. Jazz’s first name was Mobilink then over time it was renamed Jazz.

Jazz used to be a 2G network In 2014, 3G and 4G licenses were auctioned by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, (PTA) and Jazz got the 3G license and introduced 3G technology in Pakistan.

Over time Jazz expanded its network to include Warid Telecom in November 2015. After this merger, Jazz introduced 4G technology in 2017 and became the fastest network in Pakistan and the most user-friendly network.

jazz vs zong internet speed

About Zong 4G LTE

Now let’s talk about Zong 4G LTE. Zong is the third-largest network in Pakistan. Zong is a Chinese network that launched its service in Pakistan in 2008. In 2014, the PTA auctioned 3G and 4G LTE licenses.

Zong was the only Network that obtained 3G & 4G LTE licenses simultaneously and launched its services 3G and 4G LTE together in Pakistan.

This was the reason why Zong quickly became the most popular network in Pakistan and became the favourite network of users because it had the most comprehensive coverage and the speed was very good.

jazz vs zong internet speed

Jazz vs Zong Internet Speed Which Network is Fast

Now let’s talk about the internet speed and uploading speed of both. This will help us to know which of the two networks is providing the fastest internet in Pakistan.

According to the report of OpenSignal.com the speed of Jazz and Zong was tested in different ways. And this thing will tell you which network is number one with the highest speed.

In the Jazz network’s download speed test, Jazz achieved a speed of 11.5 Mbps securing the top position. Meanwhile Zong in the Zong Speed Test reached a speed of 10.8 Mbps placing them in the second spot.

jazz vs zong internet speed

But there is no denying that the speed of a network is measured by its comprehensive coverage and the distance between the towers.

It varies from environment to environment. But Jazz came at number 1, because of its fastest internet. Zong is at number 2 but also keep in mind that both testing and the environment are the main things that matter.

  1. Which is the fastest network in Pakistan?

    Jazz is the fastest network in Pakistan and the internet speed of Jazz is 11.5 Mbps.

  2. What is the difference between Zong and Jazz?

    Zong and Jazz have many different things, like internet speed packages and network quality.

  3. Who is Pakistan’s No 1 network?

    Jazz is the No.1 network in Pakistan according to a recent survey.

  4. Why Jazz network is the best?

    Jazz is the fastest internet provider in Pakistan, not only in terms of internet speed, but Jazz is also the best network in Pakistan in terms of the number of customers, its customers are more than 50 million.

  5. Which network is the cheapest in Pakistan?

    Zong is the Cheapest network in Pakistan zong offers 40GB of Data for just Rs 440 rupees only.

  6. Which network is best Ufone or Zong?

    If you talk about voice quality and widest coverage then Ufone is the best network and if you talk about internet speed and more internet MB then Zong is the best network.


In Conclusion, when it comes to network comparisons between Jazz and Zong, it’s essential to recognize that internet speeds can vary depending on the location and signal strength of the mobile device. Recent surveys conducted by leading companies in Pakistan indicate that Jazz offers the best internet speeds. However, we cannot disregard the fact that Zong’s speed is still impressive, albeit slightly slower than Jazz’s.

Ultimately, the choice of the network depends on individual needs and preferences. We invite you to share your network of choice and the reasons behind your selection in the comments section.

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