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Jazz vs Telenor Internet Speed Which is Fast?

If we talk about Jazz vs Telenor Internet Speed, then both networks compete with each other. Telenor is Pakistan’s second-largest network with 49.79 million customers. Telenor is significant in Pakistan due to its comprehensive coverage and clear voice.

Both Telenor and Jazz are great networks. But if we talk about their internet speed, then there is a big difference between them, where the competition between Jazz and Telenor is not possible. . Because jazz there is a 4G LTE network. And Jazz customers are much higher than Telenor.

Telenor PK History

Telenor Network was introduced in Pakistan on March 15, 2005. However, from 2005 to 2014, 2G service was provided by Telenor to their customers. In 2014, they licensed 3G services and expanded their services to 3G services. Shortly, after the 3G service, Telenor got the 4G license. The 850 MHz UP Telenor launched its 4G service across Pakistan. Telenor has more than 12,000 enabled towers in Pakistan, of which more than 70 percent are 4G enabled and 80 percent are 3G enabled.

Jazz Pakistan History

Jazz is the network with the highest customer base in Pakistan. The first name of Jeb was Mobilink which was later changed to Jazz. There are more than 12,500 towers in Pakistan and more than 25,000 km of fiber optic cable has been laid. In 2014, Jazz acquired the 3G license and launched 3G services. Then in 2017, Jazz and Warid Telecom partnered to become the Jazz 4G LTE network and launched its 4G LTE services. Jazz has also launched its VoLTE service, and Jazz has successfully tested 5G with a speed of 1.5Gbps.

Jazz vs Telenor Internet Speed

Jazz and Telenor both networks have excellent internet service in Pakistan. But, there is no doubt that Jazz’s internet speed is better than Telenor’s. And in many cases, things have taken a clear lead, but there is no denying that Telenor’s speed is better, but both are based on speed and distance from the tower.

With its 850 MHz 4G license, Telenor has ensured that you can take the signal quite quickly, especially if you get a full signal indoors because its band is too small.

Jazz vs Telenor Internet Speed Which is Fast?

Internet Testing was conducted by in 2020, in which both Zong and Jazz Place were ranked first overall due to their internet speed. During the testing of, If we compare Telenor with Jazz for their internet speed, it is clear that the speed of Jazz is much better than Telenor.

Many different tests have been conducted and Jazz has outperformed Telenor in every single test. And Jazz has performed extremely well and has ensured that Jazz is the fastest internet in Pakistan.

Jazz vs Telenor Internet Speed

In the testing of Internet speed, Telenor doesn’t compete with Jazz. Telenor doesn’t compete with Jazz in the test of video streaming, download speed, and upload speed. Telenor’s average internet speed is 4.2 Mbps and Jazz’s average internet speed is 10.8 Mbps.

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FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which SIM has the fastest Internet speed in Pakistan?

    According to various sources and reviews, Jazz is considered to have a strong network and good coverage in urban areas that’s why Jazz has much better speed

  • Which Sim has highest 4G speed?

    Zong and Jazz. Both companies have been investing in their network infrastructure to improve their 4G coverage and speed, and they have been consistently rated as the top providers of 4G in Pakistan.

  • Is 4G faster than LTE?

    4G and LTE (Long-Term Evolution) are both mobile network technologies that provide high-speed internet access, but 4G is generally considered to be faster than LTE.

  • Which Sim is best for unlimited data?

    No mobile network in Pakistan gives an unlimited data package. Yes, if we talk about Jazz, then Jazz has introduced a package of 100GB of data, which is valid for 30 days.

Buraq Conclusion

Jazz and Telenor are the most popular networks in Pakistan, they provide you with high-speed internet along with other features like call quality and wide coverage in remote areas. when looking for a mobile network provider for high-speed internet access, it’s important to consider factors such as coverage, service quality, and package offerings in your area. Currently, Jazz is much better than Telenor.

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