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How to Get Loan on Telenor Quick Guide 2024

In today’s article, I tell you How to Get Loan on Telenor As we know Telenor is a leading telecommunication company and offers many packages and services offers including loans. If your phone is running short of balance now you can easily get advanced balance on your Telenor SIM by following some simple and easy steps.

Telenor users can also visit Telenor’s official website to get access to the loan application feature. You have to provide necessary information such as identification details employment status and income thus the system evaluates the application best on predefined criteria. After providing all this necessary information one can get an advanced balance.

How to Get a Loan From Telenor

Here are Some Simple steps to get a loan from Telenor

  1. Dial *0# on your Telenor number to request an advance balance.
  2. Wait for a message from Telenor confirming the loan amount and interest rate.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions by replying with ‘Y’ or ‘Yes.’
  4. You’ll get a Rs. 15 balance, deducted from your next recharge.
  5. The Telenor loan costs Rs. 3.5.
  6. Rs. 18 will be deducted when you recharge your Telenor SIM.
  7. Repay the loan on time to maintain a good credit score.
How to Get Loan on Telenor

How to Get Telenor Loan By Code

When your phone balance runs low, don’t worry. You can easily obtain an emergency loan by dialling the Telenor loan code. Just follow these straightforward steps: If your balance is less than Rs. 15 dial *0# to get an advance loan of Rs. 15 anytime and from anywhere.

This emergency loan of Rs. 15 can be used for all prepaid services except for balance transfers and is available to all Telenor Djuice customers. It’s important to keep in mind that upon your next recharge, Rs. 18 will be deducted from your account.

Terms & Conditions Emergency Loan Telenor

To avail of advanced balance on your Telenor Sim, it’s important to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Customers can seek assistance or obtain further information by contacting Telenor’s helpline at 345.
  2. An advanced balance of Rs. 15 is only available to customers whose credit falls below Rs. 15.
  3. To check your balance, you can simply dial *444# using the Telenor code.
  4. Customers should be aware that using SIM cards without proper documentation is considered a violation of regulations set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
  5. PTA strongly advises its customers to report unwanted calls or messages by texting the sender’s number to 9000.
  1. How can you get an emergency SMS in Telenor?

    By, darling *999# You can get an emergency SMS in Telenor and then you receive instructions that will tell you how you should proceed.

  2. How can you share your Telenor balance?

    If you want to share your terner balance you should dial 777 recipient’s number *Amount# and then press send. Then the recipient will receive the shared balance.

  3. What is Telenor *66#?

    It is a Telenor customer service that allows their customer to activate or deactivate call waiting by dialling star 66 hash and additional charges will apply for this service.


In case of an emergency when you urgently need to make a call or use your mobile but find yourself without sufficient balance you can rely on Telenor’s advance loan service. This service is truly invaluable and all the details have been provided in this article. The procedure for obtaining an advance balance loan from Telenor has been clearly outlined allowing you to access a loan of Rs. 15 or more when needed.

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