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How to Share Jazz to Jazz Balance – Guide 2024

I will discuss How to Share Jazz to Jazz Balance in today’s article with you guys. This service can be used 24 hours a day without any network connection. Jazz balance share service doesn’t require any network service also. The Balance Share Service can be done by just dialling a code on the dial pad of your mobile phone.

One of the services I am going to discuss with you is Jazz Balance Share Service today. Jazz is a friendly network all over Pakistan. Jazz is a widely used network in Pakistan. Jazz always facilitates its users with very useful services to make sure that Jazz cares about its users.

How to Share Jazz to Jazz Balance

Jazz services are always easy to use for everyone even for the elders. Jazz became the highly used network in Pakistan according to modern research.

Jazz Balance share code 2024

Jazz Balance Share service is for every Jazz user. Every Jazz user can share balance with another Jazz user. The method to share balance with Jazz users is very simple. Just dial a code then the number of your friend and the amount of balance you want to share with the friend.

Details Method
Jazz Balance Share CodeDial *100*9230XXXXXXXX* amount#
Charges Rs 7.50 (incl. tax)/Transaction.
How Much Amount Send Per DayRs. 500 Per Day
Maximum Amount Rs. 500
How to Share Jazz to Jazz Balance

Jazz Balance Share Limit

Jazz Balance Share is a very unique idea to help your friends or family but in the case of Sharing Balance, there is a limit to Sharing Balance with Jazz users. You can share a minimum of Rs.15 to a maximum of Rs.500 Balance in one day.

Jazz Balance Share Charges

If we are talking about Jazz Balance Share then absolutely there is a tax also when we share the balance with our friends. The Tax is Rs. 7.50(incl. tax)/ Transaction. It means that when you share your balance with your friends the amount of 7.5 rupees will be deducted from your mobile balance in the form of tax.

How To Share Balance From Jazz To Other Networks

Jazz Balance Share Service is limited to only Jazz users. Jazz users can only share their balance with Jazz users. Jazz users cannot share their balance with other network users. For using Jazz Balance Share Service your next (balance receiver) should also be a Jazz user.


  1. How can I share my Jazz balance?

    You can share your Jazz balance with the *100* jazz number to which you are sharing the balance*amount#

  2. What is the code for Jazz cash balance share?

    *100* The jazz number to which you are going to share the balance*amount#.

  3. Can I transfer my mobile balance?

    Yes, you can easily transfer your mobile balance with the same network user.

  4. How do I share my balance?

    By dialling the code100the Jazz number to which you are going to share the balance*amount#.

  5. Can I transfer the balance from another name?

    While transferring the balance, the name is not shown of the sender but the number is shown from which the balance is shared and you cannot share the balance by hiding your number.


In conclusion, this article presents a quick and hassle-free method for sharing your balance with friends, allowing you to complete the process within two minutes. This approach stands out as the easiest among various alternatives available.

Buraq Says

I hope you liked my article and this article will be helpful for you in future. If it is so, please share my article with your friends and family so that they can also know the method of balance sharing with other friends. If you have any questions or queries related to this article you can ask me in the comment sections I will answer your question as soon as possible.

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