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Are Jazz and Mobilink Same

If we talk about Mobilink here, Mobilink is an old name of Jazz that was working under the name Mobilink in Pakistan from 1994 to 2016. In 1996, a throwaway start-up of a mobile joint venture was launched, which included Safe Group and Motorola INC Company.

In February 2001, an Egypt-based Orascom telecom company bought all of Motorola’s shares in Mobilink. Then, in June 2007, the exact Egyptian company bought the remaining shares, and while under Saif Group and Jazz became 100% owner of the Company.

Are Jazz and Mobilink Same

Jazz/ Mobilink History

If you look, there are a lot of Mobilink names like Jazz, Jazba, Indigo, and Mobilink Indigo. However, in 2017, Mobilink was re-branded and a new brand Jazz was introduced which is still going on under the name Jazz Dunya ko Bata do!.

The matter does not end here because it is also the largest network in Pakistan and legitimately provides the fastest internet in Pakistan at this time. Apart from this, Jazz has introduced many services of its own, among which the most popular service is JazzCash. Which is an online money transfer service through which you can easily do many daily tasks from the comfort of your home.

Are Jazz and Mobilink Same

Apart from this, Jazz has also created a bank of his own called Mobilink Microfinance Bank. On which JazzCash services are running. Apart from this, Jazz has also introduced many packages including daily weekly, and monthly package which also includes internet SMS and call package.

Until 2017, Jazz was known as Mobilink, after which it was renamed Jazz. There are 300 helpline numbers of Jazz which you can call for any kind of information regarding item packages or other services. Apart from this, Jez’s services are running non-stop all over Pakistan whether it is for calls or the internet. Jazz 4G internet services are available on all highways and Motorways of Pakistan.

So it turns out that Jazz and Mobilink are the same network and come under the same company, both have the same package, whether the call package is an SMS package or the internet package is the same.

I hope you enjoyed this article of mine. If you have any questions about this article you can let me know in the comments section. I will try to reply to everyone as soon as possible.

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