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How do I know My SIM Number – All Networks Quick Guide

In this article, I’ll talk about how you can find your forgotten SIM number on different networks. Sometimes, people turn off their SIM cards or don’t use them for a while, and then they forget their SIM numbers.

To retrieve the SIM card number, I’ll share network-specific codes that can be used to easily find the information.

In situations where you lose your SIM card and forget its number, retrieving it can be quite troublesome. However, this article is here to offer valuable assistance. We’ll guide you through simple and effective methods to retrieve your lost SIM number. Stay tuned to discover how you can easily get your SIM number back.

How to Find Sim Card Number

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How to Check Your Own SIM Number Jazz

Jazz users will dial a code on their mobile to find out their mobile number so that they can easily retrieve their forgotten number on their mobile screen.

JazzDial *99#

How to Check Your Own SIM Number Ufone

To get the Ufone SIM number, you need to dial a code on your mobile screen which allows you to see your forgotten Ufone number on your mobile screen again. As shown in the picture below.

UfoneDial *780*3#

How to Check Your Own SIM Number Zong

If you are using Zong’s SIM and have forgotten your number, you need to dial a code on your mobile to know the number so that you can easily see your forgotten number again on your screen.

ZongDial *100#

How to Check Your Own SIM Number Telenor

The procedure for extracting the Telenor SIM number is very simple. Dial a code on the mobile screen and see your forgotten Telenor number on this mobile screen.

TelenorDial *8888#


In conclusion, retrieving your forgotten SIM card number is easier than ever with the simple methods provided in this article. By dialling a code on your phone, you can quickly access your lost number without any delays or stress. So, next time you find yourself in need of your SIM number, remember these easy steps and regain access to your information effortlessly.

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