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How to Recharge MTAG A Comprehensive Guide for MTAG Users

In today’s article, we will see How to Recharge MTAG through various methods. Traveling on the Motorway Made Easy Thanks to MTAG Yes, you can now travel on the Motorway and get freedom from long queues thanks to MTAG. First of all, let’s talk about what is M-Tag? M-Tag is a card-like chip that is attached to the windscreen of your car when you pass through a motorway toll plaza. Any amount of toll tax incurred by you while traveling on the road is automatically deducted from your MTAG account. Earlier the procedure used to be that you had to pay cash at the toll plaza phase and it was a very long and time-consuming process.

How to Recharge MTAG

How to Recharge MTAG Details

On all the motorways under the National Highway Authorities, it is now mandatory to ensure the use of MTAG and many people are using it. MTAG now recharges by Jazzcash, Easypaisa Banking application and also you can recharge at toll plaza MTAG Bhoot.

You can recharge as much balance as you want in the Mtag, in addition, as you recharge the MTAG, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number, which will have your desired amount written, how much recharge has been done, and as soon as your account is credited. You will also get a message telling you how much tax you have paid at which toll plaza and how much money has been deducted from your account.

How to Recharge MTAG by Jazz Cash App

If you yot are want to recharge MTAG online then you will need to Jazzcash User Login into your Account then scroll down to the travel section and click M-Tag Button. After that Enter the M-Tag ID which is received on your mobile number at the time of registration of the M-tag on the Motorway. Then enter the desired amount you want. Then click Continue. Your M-Tag is Recharged Now.

How to Recharge MTAG

How to Recharge MTAG Through Easypaisa App

If you are an Easypaisa account holder and want your Easypaisa to charge your MTAG then the procedure is very simple first you have to open your Easypaisa account and then Click on the top right search bar option and search M-tag you will get a Mtag option click on it to enter your Mtag id and amount recharge your account.

How to Recharge MTAG

How to Recharge MTAG Through Bank Account

Now you can recharge your MTag account from any bank very easily. Yes, if you don’t want to recharge your MT through Jazzcash Easypaisa, you want to recharge Mtag from your bank account. The procedure for this is as follows. download one network application from Google Play Store. After downloading the application, you can sign it by giving your CNIC and mobile number. You have to give the same ID card number and mobile number. Which you gave while registering for MTAG.

  • Sign to One Network Application
  • Enter your CNIC number and mobile number Click the Sign Button.
  • Click the recharge option.
  • Select the amount and Your listed vehicle.
  • Click continue with the Credit card/Debit card option.
  • Enter card details and Proceed.
How to Recharge MTAG

How to Recharge MTAG Toll Plaza

There are some MTAG booths near various toll plazas on the motorway which are open 24 hours for the convenience of the users. You can recharge your M-Tag with cash from the MTAG booth. Also, if you have a low balance on your M-Tag, you can also pay toll tax by cash, after which you can recharge your M-tag by any of the methods mentioned above.

How to Recharge MTAG Helpline Number

One Network has provided a toll-free number for customer inquiries which you can call to register your complaint and also call for inquiries. Through this number, you can register any kind of complaint or if you have some questions related to MTag then you can call this number and ask them.

Helpline Number: 24/7 Helpline 1313.


How do I charge my MTag online?

There are different ways to recharge the M-tag mentioned above following any of them to recharge the M-tag online.

How can I transfer money from JazzCash to MTag?

Open the Jazzcash application and navigate to the travel menu and select the M-tag option for recharge.

Can we recharge M-Tag through Easypaisa?

Yes, you can recharge M-tag from the Easypaisa method mentioned above.

How do I check my M-Tag account?

Download the One Network application from the play store and sign in then you can check your M-tag account.


In today’s age, new technology like M-Tag is a great initiative thanks to which you can save a lot of your time and reach your destination quickly. Make sure to use the M-Tag and also follow the many procedures given above to recharge M-Tag by following any method it will be save timed and you will also avoid long queues A quick tour will take your vehicle through the toll plaza.

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