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Prize Bond Schedule 2024 in Pakistan – Draw Dates & Results

Looking for the latest prize bond schedule in Pakistan for 2024? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the necessary details about the schedule, including draw dates and results.

Understanding Prize Bonds

Prize bonds are a popular investment opportunity in Pakistan where individuals purchase bonds issued by the government. These bonds enter into regular prize draws, giving bondholders the chance to win cash prizes.

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 in Pakistan

Here’s the updated schedule for prize bond draws in Pakistan for 2024

Draw No.Prize BondsDraw DateCity
#97Rs75015 January, 24SIALKOT
#45Rs10015 February, 24PESHAWAR
#97Rs150015 February, 24LAHORE
#13Rs2500011 March, 24KARACHI
#28Rs4000011 March, 24FAISALABAD
#97Rs20015 March, 24MUZAFFARABAD
#98Rs75015 April, 24HYDERABAD
#46Rs10015 May, 24LAHORE
#98Rs150015 May, 24KARACHI
#14Rs2500010 June, 24PESHAWAR
#29Rs4000010 June, 24MULTAN
#98Rs20017 June, 24RAWALPINDI
#99Rs75015 July, 24QUETTA
#47Rs10015 August, 24KARACHI
#99Rs150015 August, 24MULTAN
#15Rs2500010 September, 24HYDERABAD
#30Rs4000010 September, 24LAHORE
#99Rs20016 September, 24PESHAWAR
#100Rs75015 October, 24FAISALABAD
#48Rs10015 November, 24MULTAN
#100Rs150015 November, 24RAWALPINDI
#16Rs2500010 December, 24QUETTA
#31Rs4000010 December, 24MUZAFFARABAD
#100Rs20016 December, 24SIALKOT

Is It Worth Buying Prize Bonds, and How Do They Work?

Prize bonds are a bit like buying a lottery ticket, where your hope is to score the top prize. But here’s the cool part even if you don’t win the big prize, you don’t lose the money you initially spent on that specific bond.

Every three months, the State Bank conducts a draw to determine if any prize bonds are lucky winners. If you happen to hold a winning bond, you can easily cash it in and collect your prize.

Checking Draw Results

After each draw, the results are announced by the government. You can check the draw results online or visit designated locations where they are displayed. It’s important to stay updated on draw dates and promptly check the results to claim any prizes you may have won.

Importance of Staying Informed

Staying informed about the prize bond schedule is essential for participants. By knowing the draw dates in advance, you can plan accordingly and ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to win.


In conclusion, the prize bond schedule for [Current Year] in Pakistan is crucial for individuals interested in participating in prize bond draws. By staying informed about the schedule, draw dates, and results, you can maximize your chances of winning cash prizes. Keep track of upcoming draws and best of luck.

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