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750 Prize bond April 2024 Result – Check Here

Delve into the world of prize bonds with the 750 denomination, where dreams meet chance and anticipation runs high. In this article, we explore everything you need to know about the 750 prize bond.

What is a 750 Prize Bond?

The 750 prize bond is a form of investment offered by the government, where individuals purchase bonds with the chance to win prizes through lucky draws held periodically.

Prize Bond Draws

Regular draws for the 750 prize bond are conducted by National Savings Pakistan, offering participants the opportunity to win various cash prizes, including a significant jackpot.

750 Prize bond April
750 Prize bond April

Prize Structure

The prize structure typically includes a first prize, a second prize, and multiple smaller prizes, providing participants with multiple chances to win.

How to Participate

To participate in the 750 prize bond draws, individuals can purchase bonds from authorized banks or directly from the State Bank of Pakistan. Each bond is assigned a unique serial number, which is entered into the draw.

Draw Schedule

The draws for the 750 prize bond are held quarterly, with results announced publicly. Participants can check the draw schedule and results here.

The upcoming 750 prize bond draw is scheduled for April 15, 2024, in Hyderabad. Following the balloting for Lucky Draw No. 98 of the Rs750 prize bond, the winners will be announced.

Winning Prizes

Winners of the 750 prize bond draw can claim their prizes from designated branches of authorized banks. Prizes are typically paid out in cash, subject to verification and deduction of applicable taxes.

750 Prize Bond Winning Amount

Prize Bond RS. 750/-01Rs.1,500,000First
Prize Bond RS. 750/-03Rs.500,000Second
Prize Bond RS. 750/-1696Rs.9,300Third

Investment and Returns

Investing in the 750 prize bond offers the potential for winning cash prizes while maintaining the principal investment amount. Participants can also benefit from the security and trust associated with government-backed bonds.


The 750 prize bond presents an exciting opportunity for individuals to invest and potentially win attractive cash prizes through lucky draws. Whether as a form of investment or a chance at winning, participating in the 750 prize bond draws adds a touch of anticipation and excitement to financial planning.

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