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Jazz Doosra Balance Offer 2024: How to Save Jazz Balance

Jazz Doosra Balance Save Code is a separate offer that allows you to save your balance as a second balance with this offer you can save your existing main account balance as a second balance. can be used by transferring it back to your main account when you need it.

Jazz Doosra Balance Offer

Jazz’s most amazing offer is that you can store your balance secretly with a code you can transfer the same balance back to your account to use whenever you need. If you want to use more balance and less balance in your main account, then you can transfer the remaining balance to Jazz Doosra Balance Offer.

Jazz Doosra Balance Offer

Jazz Doosra Balance Offer 2024: How to Save Jazz Balance

Now let me tell you how you can subscribe to Jazz Doosra Offer Save Code balance you can transfer the balance secretly to the Doosra balance.

Offer DetailsOffer Code
Subscribe Code*869#
Rs. 1+ taxes.Rs. 1+Taxes.

*869# Jazz Code Details

With the help of this *869# code, you can secretly transfer your balance to another account, which is Jazz Doosra Balance Offer on 1 Jazz number, you can securely store your balance when needed. You can reuse with the help of this code *869# you can subscribe and unsubscribe to this offer Charges will be applicable You can save up to Rs.100 balance at a time.

Jazz Doosra Balance Subscription Method:

First of all, you have to bring *869# then you will activate this service then you will know how much your secret balance is by dialling the because you are doing it for the first time then your balance will be Rs. 0.0 shows after that you will get three options 1 Raqam Daalein 2 Raqam Nikalein 3 Service Khatam Karen Choose any option by selecting your respective menu to avail of this offer.

Jazz Doosra Balance Offer

Jazz Balance Save Code: Terms & Conditions

  • No service charge for this offer.
  • No subscription fee is required.
  • No cancellation fee for the offer.
  • No transaction fee for transferring money from the main balance to the Doosra balance.
  • The transaction fee for transferring money from the Doosra balance to the main account is Rs 1.2 per transaction.
  • The maximum amount that can be stored in the Jazz Doosra balance is Rs 100.


  1. Jazz Save Balance Nikalne ka Tarika?

    Dial *869# to bring it back your Jazz Doosra Balance.

  2. Jazz Doosra balance code

    *869# Dial this code on the mobile dial pad then follow the options for Jazz Doosra Balance.

  3. How to Check Jazz Hidden Balance

    If you hide your Jazz balance which is called Jazz doosra balance to check to dial *869# to check your hidden balance.


Jazz’s Doosra Balance Offer provides a unique and secure way for customers to manage their balance. This offer allows users to keep their balance confidential and subscribe to any Jazz bundle SMS, call, or internet bundle with the additional balance if needed. With the flexibility of the Doosra Balance Offer, Jazz customers can easily manage their balance and bundle subscriptions according to their usage and preferences. This offer is not only convenient but also a cost-effective way to stay connected with friends and family.

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