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How to Get Free Petrol in Pakistan – Upto Rs 1000 Rupees

Are you worried about rising inflation and rising petrol prices I will tell you How to Get Free Petrol in Pakistan in this article. In view of the increasing inflation in Pakistan, there are some organizations that have initiated schemes offering free petrol.

Additionally, the Government of Pakistan has introduced a program to provide free petrol exclusively to deserving individuals. A private sector entity has also introduced a similar scheme, enabling the general public to access free petrol.

Free Petrol to Entire Pakistan Chairman JDC

Chairman of JDC (Jafriya Disaster Management Cell) Welfare Foundation, Zafar Abbas, has stated that they are providing free petrol and aim to extend this initiative across the entire country. After successfully launching in Karachi, the organization has now commenced providing free petrol to the residents of Lahore.

The distribution of free petrol began in the Jail Road area of Lahore, where there was a considerable influx of motorcyclists eager to avail of this service.

Chairman Zafar Abbas highlighted the plight of middle-class individuals who find it challenging to afford petrol priced at 300 rupees per liter. He emphasized that if a middle-class person spends 15,000 rupees a month on petrol, it leaves them with only 5,000 rupees to cover their other monthly expenses.

Zafar Abbas expressed gratitude towards affluent individuals like Malik Riaz, Ali Riaz, and Shahid Qureshi, who generously distribute large quantities of petrol as gifts to the public.

Bahria Town Launches Free Petrol Initiative For Bikers

Underprivileged motorcyclists received free petrol worth Rs1,000 at a petrol station near Services Hospital in Lahore. This charitable initiative is being personally spearheaded by Malik Riaz Hussain and his son, Ali Riaz Malik, the Chief Executive of Bahria Town.

The campaign is designed to offer relief to individuals who are grappling with the mounting cost of living in Pakistan.

Shahid Mahmood Qureshi, the country head of Bahria Town, elucidated that the initiative was initially introduced in Karachi and has since expanded to Lahore, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi. As part of this campaign, 1,000 motorcycles per day at designated petrol stations will be provided with free petrol worth Rs1,000 each.


In conclusion, the initiative led by Malik Riaz Hussain and Ali Riaz Malik, CEO of Bahria Town, to provide free petrol to underprivileged individuals is a commendable effort to alleviate the financial burden brought on by inflation. also get free petrol from the JDC welfare foundation I hope this initiative is successfully run in Pakistan and needy people get benefit from it.

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