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How can i Reset My Jazzcash MPIN – Updated Methods 2024

In this article, I will tell you How can i reset my Jazzcash MPIN? JazzCash is a widely used application, that is being used in Pakistan for sending and receiving money from one place to another. JazzCash is also used for other purposes like online booking tickets, paying bills, mobile loads to any network, sending money to any Bank, and creating a Raast ID.

All of these services of JazzCash can be completed with just one touch and the greatest thing is that being at home you can take advantage of all these services. You do not have to go anywhere because you can use this application in your home.

How can i reset my Jazzcash Mpin

Jazzcash MPIN Reset by Application

Firstly open your JazzCash application and click on the option “Forget MPIN” and then just fill in your necessary information and your MPIN will be reset from your mobile phone.

How can i reset my Jazzcash Mpin

Jazzcash MPIN Reset by Code

If you do not want to use the JazzCash application then there is another way of setting your new MPIN. Just go to the dial pad of your mobile phone, dial *786*6*1*2#, and then reset your MPIN. After setting your new MPIN, keep that MPIN in your mind or write it somewhere where it can be read if forgotten.

How can i reset my Jazzcash Mpin

Jazzcash MPIN Reset by Call Center

There is also a third method of resetting your Mpin of a JazzCash account. In this method, you just need to dial 4444 and this number will be dialled to the JazzCash care centre where any customer care will be available for your help.

After telling him your issue he will automatically set your new password. You just need to dial your password on the call. Your password is a secret number that cannot be shared with customer care. The secret password is just for you.


In conclusion, if you’ve forgotten your Jazzcash account’s secret code (MPIN), there’s no need to panic. In this article, I’ve explained various easy methods for resetting your MPIN, making it a straightforward process.

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