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How to Update Android Version

If you want to know How to Update Android Version. the read this Article. The android is Mobile Operating System that is based on LUNIX and Kernel and Open Source Software the 1st Release on 23 Sep 2008, it is a specially designed touch screen smart mobile phone and Tablet. if you are running an old mobile operating system and don’t know how to update the android version. don’t worry about this article I will guide you. Android is the most popular software in the world which is being used on every mobile phone in every corner of the world.

It is open-source software that anyone can install on their mobile. It was first introduced by Google. In today’s world, Android is very popular. Samsung is the number one brand in the world that is still offering Android software on its mobile phones. When it comes to internet software, not only in mobile but also in mobile.

how to update android version

Now you can get ad software on tablets too. It is very easy to run on Android. The first version was its stock & I which is very popular among the users. Updates are in stock & come very soon than any. On other software.

Guide : How to Upgrade Android Version

Initially, you can check your mobile is connected to the Internet.

  • Goto to your setting and scroll down to last and click About.
  • In the about section, you will see a System Update / Software Update
  • Click on Software Update and wait for some time your mobile checking update is available or not
  • If Update is available you will see the button Install Update tap on Install Button
    Your Start updating

After updating your mobile phone reboot it waits for 2 or 3 minutes for completing the update
and you will see Your mobile phone updated on the latest Operating system

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