Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan Updated Price May 28, 2023

Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan. As you know crises are going on in Pakistan at this time due to which the price of petrol fluctuates, we will know the price of petrol in Pakistan. To know the petrol price in Pakistan now, we will see in today’s article how much 1 litre of petrol is getting in Pakistan.

Petrol is widely used in Pakistan, apart from vehicles, petrol is also used in many machinery. Petrol prices in Pakistan are determined by OGRA which means Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan 2023

Petrol prices in Pakistan used to be determined after a month but this procedure has been changed and now it is done twice a month, once at the beginning of the month and then after 15 days. How much does petrol cost in Pakistan?

Pakistan also imports petrol from neighbour countries like UAE, Qatar and Kuwait and the price of petrol is determined in Pakistan after the price of petrol in the international market.

Today's Petrol Price in Pakistan

Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan Updated Price May 28, 2023

PetrolPKR 282.00PKR 270.00-12.00
High Speed Diesel (HSD) PKR 293.00PKR 258.00-30.00
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)PKR 184.68PKR 152.68-32.00
Kerosene OilPKR 190.29PKR 164.07-12.56
Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan Updated Price

Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan Per litre

In Pakistan, petrol is sold in a litre and in Pakistan only the litre measure is used for the sale of petrol and diesel, that’s why we determine the prices of a litre of petrol in Pakistan because petrol in Pakistan is sold by the litre. is available and consumers buy petrol by the litre for their cars and motorcycles.

Today's Petrol Price in Pakistan

Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan Pump List

There are many brands available for selling petrol in Pakistan but some popular brands are listed below.

  • PSO
  • Shell
  • Go Gree
  • Attock
  • Askari
  • Total
  • Admore


  1. What is the cost of 1-litre petrol in Pakistan today?

    Today 1 Liter of petrol is sold at a price of Rs. 272 PKR.

  2. Which petrol is best in Pakistan?

    Altron X Hi-Octane 97 is best petrol in pakistan.

  3. Which petrol is good quality?

    The quality of petrol can vary depending on a number of factors, including the brand, the grade, and the additives used. Normally Hi-Octane has considered is good quality fuel.

  4. Which petrol gives more mileage?

    A vehicle’s mileage depends on its maintenance. Generally, high octane is better treated than other petrol.

  5. What is petrol colour?

    In Pakistan petrol colour is green and Hi-Octane is available in red colour.


Keeping track of petrol price is more important for those who own cars and motorcycles as petrol price fluctuates so you can check the latest price in today’s article, With fluctuating prices that can vary from day to day, it is important to check the latest prices before filling up your tank. By monitoring petrol prices, you can better manage your budget and plan your trips accordingly.

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