LPG Price in Pakistan Today – May 28, 2023 Updated Price

In today’s article, we will review LPG Price in Pakistan Today. Ogra Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority Pakistan. The price issued by this institution is valid in Pakistan. In today’s era in Pakistan, how much is 1 kilo of LPG gas, the same organization has to decide. LPG is generally used in domestic cylinders or at the commercial level. Today we will see what is the price of LPG.

LPG Price in Pakistan Today

LPG Price in Pakistan

LPG is used in domestic cylinders and in some cities in auto-rickshaws. In 2013, the price of LPG was revised as the sales tax was increased from 17% to 18%. Since then we have seen a difference in LPG prices.

LPG Price in Pakistan Today – May 28, 2023 Updated Price

The good news here is that the price of LPG has been reduced by Rs 45. After this reduction, the price of 1 kg of LPG in Pakistan is as follows.

LPG Price by OGRALPG pricePrice Date
LPG per KGPKR 228May 27, 2023
Domestic Cylinder 11.8 KgPKR 2,702May 27, 2023
Commercial Cylinder (45.4 Kg)PKR 10,397May 27, 2023

LPG Price in Pakistan Today Ogra

Since the price of LPG is determined by OGRA in Pakistan, OGRA is the only organization in Pakistan that determines the price of LPG, then Pakistani dealers are bound to sell at the same price. But in the Pakistani market, there are some who are selling LPG at a high price of Rs 315 per kg. But the price set by Ogra, an organization of the Government of Pakistan, is Rs. 229 rupees per kg.

LPG Price in Pakistan Today


  1. What is the price of LPG gas in Pakistan today?

    According to Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority 1 kg LPG gas Rs. 229 Rupees in Pakistan

  2. What is the rate of LPG in Bahawalpur?

    In Bahawalpur 1 LPG sell at the price of Rs. 229 Rupees per KG.

  3. What is the latest price of an LPG gas cylinder?

    LPG gas cylinder is sold at the price of Rs. 2,702 cylinder weight is 11.8 KG

  4. Is LPG cylinder safe?

    LPG cylinders are generally safe when used and handled properly. They are designed and manufactured according to strict safety standards.

  5. What is the full form of LPG?

    The full form of LPG is “Liquefied Petroleum Gas”


LPG Price in Pakistan Today is related to many people especially for those who do business in it as the price fluctuates so keep track of this LPG price. It is necessary. Stay informed with the latest LPG price in the market. This helps people make informed decisions and manage their expenses. Keeping track of reliable sources of information can help consumers plan their usage and budget more effectively.

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