Telenor WhatsApp Monthly Package

Today we will talk about Telenor WhatsApp Monthly Package. If you are a user who uses WhatsApp very enthusiastically. And you also want to have a good monthly WhatsApp package with a minimum balance. So today I will tell you about the Telenor WhatsApp monthly package which is very cheap.

Telenor WhatsApp Monthly Package

Telenor Internet Packages WhatsApp 2023

Telenor has always made great offers to its customers. Like Telenor Pakistan is a 4G network that keeps on introducing very cheap packages. Telenor has always been known for its cheap package, wide-coverage, and fast 4G internet.

With the Telenor Monthly WhatsApp package, you can run WhatsApp for a whole month for just Rs. 5 rupees. Chat with your friends now via the Telenor WhatsApp monthly package.

telenor whatsapp monthly package

Telenor WhatsApp Monthly Package Code

The procedure for subscribing to the Telenor Monthly WhatsApp package is very simple You can subscribe to this package by dialing a code on your mobile screen.

Package NameMonthly WhatsApp Package
Package PriceRs. 5 incl. tax
Package IncludeInternet 1500 MB
Validity30 Days
Subscribe CodeDial *247#

Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer cannot be re-subscribed within the validity.
  2. Packages are subject to change at any time.
  3. The billing system allocates a part of available data resources in MB of your package when opening/accessing each application or website on the device which may result in allocating all available MB of the bundle to these use-cases. Therefore, charging at a standard rate might apply if another data-consuming use-case/app/website is accessed.
  4. Once standard rate charging has commenced, a notification will be sent as a reminder along. with relevant offers to avoid further consumption of a standard rate.

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