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Telenor 80GB Monthly Package – Monthly Extreme Plus

Are you in search of a large data package with ample data from Telenor? you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll present to you the exciting Telenor 80GB Monthly Package in this article.

This package is the perfect, budget-friendly choice for anyone seeking an affordable monthly internet bundle. With this bundle, you’ll receive a significant amount of data, providing you can stay connected with your loved ones around the clock throughout the entire month.

Telenor 80GB Monthly Package Details & Information

In this bundle, you’ll receive a powerful 80GB of data, 10,000 minutes for Telenor-to-Telenor calls, and an additional 600 minutes for other networks, all at the attractive price of just Rs. 1080. Telenor consistently prioritizes its customers, ensuring that you can enjoy a wide range of activities, from chatting and scrolling on social media to watching videos, downloading, streaming, and much more.

Telenor 80GB Monthly Package

How to Subscribe Telenor 80GB Monthly Package

To Subscribe to this bundle, just dial the given activation code, and the bundle will be instantly activated.

PackagePackage Details
Package NameMonthly Extreme Plus
Internet MBs80GB (40GB 1 AM to 9AM)
Other Network Minutes600
Subscribe Code*345*48#
PriceRs. 1080 (inc tax)
Validity30 Days

Concise Overview

  • Eligibility: This offer is available for all Telenor prepaid customers.
  • Bundle Contents: You will receive a bundle consisting of 80GB(40GB from 1 AM to 9 AM) 10000 Minutes, and 600 Minutes for other networks.
  • Validity: The Monthly Extreme Plus is valid for one month, equivalent to 30 days.
  • Price: The cost of the Telenor monthly Extreme is Rs. 1080 (inclusive of taxes and requires a minimum load of Rs. 1230).
  • Activation: To activate this offer, simply dial the subscription code (*345*48#) directly from your phonebook.

Term & Condition

  • Prices include all applicable taxes.
  • This bundle does not renew automatically.
  • Call setup charges are not applicable for this package.
  • Customers are free to use any other package alongside this offer.
  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed on this offer.
  • The offer remains valid for 30 days, and each re-subscription extends the validity by an additional 30 days from the time of re-subscription.
  • The package can be re-subscribed, with each subsequent re-subscription adding to the previous resources.


In conclusion, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the remarkable Telenor Monthly Extreme Plus Package, featuring an impressive 80GB of data. This offer truly shines as an exceptionally budget-friendly choice for Telenor users, making it a cost-effective option for all.

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