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Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly, Weekly, & Daily 2024

In today’s article where we’ll be discussing Jazz WhatsApp packages. Jazz has introduced a variety of packages to cater to different users, offering monthly, weekly, and daily options. These packages are designed to provide convenient access to WhatsApp for all types of users.

With a wide selection to choose from, Jazz ensures that users can find the perfect WhatsApp package to suit their needs. Whether you prefer a monthly subscription or a more flexible daily or weekly option.

Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly

Introducing Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly, Social Plus Offer, a convenient and cost-effective solution that provides uninterrupted connectivity throughout the entire month. With a single subscription, users can enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits. Social Plus offers a generous 10 GB of data, allowing seamless usage of WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO. Additionally, subscribers receive 300 Jazz to Jazz minutes, 50 minutes for other networks, and 1000 SMS. For only Rs. 260 rupees per month,

Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 2024

Package NameJazz Social Plus Offer
Internet MBs10000 MB (10GB)
Subsribe Code*617#
Jazz to Jazz Mins300 Mins
Other Network Mins50 Mins
PriceRs. 260
Validity30 Days

Jazz WhatsApp Package Weekly

Jazz caters to its users’ needs with a Jazz WhatsApp Package Weekly This package offers great value at an affordable price. For just 30 rupees per week, subscribers can enjoy 25 MB of data specifically for WhatsApp usage, along with 1500 SMS. Jazz’s Weekly WhatsApp Package, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication at an affordable price, making it the perfect choice for users seeking a cost-effective and convenient WhatsApp experience.

Jazz WhatsApp Package Weekly Code 2024

Package NameWeekly WhatsApp Bundle
Internet MBs25 MB
Subsribe Code*101*1*07#
PriceRs. 30

Jazz WhatsApp Package Daily

Jazz is unveiling an exciting Jazz WhatsApp Package Daily tailored for WhatsApp users. This package goes above and beyond by also allowing access to YouTube and Facebook. With this offer, subscribers can enjoy a generous 1.5 GB of data, perfect for a day of seamless connectivity. Priced at just 27 rupees, this package provides excellent value for money.

Jazz WhatsApp Package Daily Code 2024

Package NameDaily WhatsApp Bundle
Internet MBs1.5 GB
Subsribe Code*968#
PriceRs. 27

Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly Rs 50

Jazz has introduced Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly Rs 50 for its users. This package offers 5000 MBs exclusively for WhatsApp usage. The original price of this offer was 50 rupees, but it has been updated to a new price of 215 rupees for the entire month. Stay connected and enjoy unlimited WhatsApp communication with Jazz’s affordable monthly package.


  1. What is the Jazz WhatsApp package for 30 days?

    An offer named Social Plus is for 30 days of using WhatsApp, as a bonus you can also use Facebook and IMO with this package and all of this for the total price of 260 rupees.

  2. What is the WhatsApp package of 80 rupees for Jazz?

    The package for WhatsApp at the price of 80 rupees for the whole month was just till the end of 2022 but now this package is subscribed at the price of Rs. 215 rupees.

  3. What is the code of WhatsApp monthly Package Jazz?

    The code to subscribe to the WhatsApp Monthly Package for the whole month for just 260 rupees (with 10 GB of data) is *617#.

  4. What is the Jazz Monthly Package *617#?

    *617# is the package of WhatsApp for the whole month that is named Social Plus. That provides 10 GB of data for using WhatsApp and Facebook and IMO the price of 260 rupees.

  5. What is the Jazz WhatsApp Weekly Package code?

    The code to subscribe to the WhatsApp weekly package for 7 days for 30 rupees is 1011*07#.

  6. What is Jazz WhatsApp Package Daily?

    Jazz WhatsApp package daily provides 1.5 GB of internet data, with that data you can use YouTube Facebook and WhatsApp for one day for a total price of 27 rupees. This package is subscribed by dialling the code *968#.


In conclusion, this article has provided a comprehensive overview of various WhatsApp packages offered by Jazz. Users have the flexibility to choose a WhatsApp package that aligns with their budget. The options discussed include the daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp packages. Among them, the Monthly WhatsApp Package stands out as the recommended choice. This package offers an impressive 10 GB of data, allowing users to enjoy WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO seamlessly.

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