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How to Create a New Apple ID

Apple is an International Company that produces mobile phones, laptops, air pods, headphones, etc. But some of them need a proper registered Apple ID to use the device. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to create a new apple id. I will guide you properly that how to create a new apple id.

Guide : How to make a new Apple id

Just click on this LINK and Give the required Data which is asked by Apple to give all data correctly and remember it because if you forget the password and you don’t know then this data may help you to recover your password.

how to make a new apple id

Step : 2 How to make a new Apple id

In this step, apple asks for your mobile number and verifies your mobile number in two given ways 1 of them is a phone call and 2nd is a Text message. Choose one of them and fill the CAPTCHA and press continue after that you will receive a verification code then enter the code.

Apple Sent two types of code one of them on the mobile number and another one on email which you enter the 1st field so you can log in to your email and keep your mobile close.

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