Step-by-Step Guide to Using Telenor Make Your Own Offer to Save Money

Today I will tell you about Telenor Make Your Own Offer that allows you to customize your package. Telenor is Pakistan’s second-largest network in terms of its customers. Telenor is well-received only because of its fast internet and clear voice and wide coverage. Telenor has introduced a lot of offers and has always rewarded its customers more than the expectations of its customers.

Telenor launched its service in Pakistan on March 15, 2005. Initially, Telenor had 2G networks. In 2014, Telenor got the 3G license and Started the 3G service in Pakistan. A few years after 3G technology, Telenor Got 4G licensed and expanded its services to 4G.

telenor Make Your Own Offer

Make Your Own Offer Telenor

Telenor has introduced many packages and each package is tailored to the needs of each customer but there are some customers who want to customize the package. So keeping in mind the needs of such customers, Telenor has launched its own make-your-own offer service.

Telenor Make Your Own Offer. Now you can choose your package according to your needs. Yes, now you can also choose your package according to your choice. Thanks to this great offer from Telenor, now you can choose your own package according to your need and as much data as you want. Can customize. Thanks to this offer you can now create your own minute’s other network minutes SMS and Internet MB.

Make Your Own Bundle Telenor

Telenor, you can now take advantage and create your own package at a very low price. Mobile companies in Pakistan choose the best packages for their customers but there are many of you who don’t find that package to suit your needs, so keeping this in mind, Telenor has offered this offer. has been introduced which allows you to create packages as per your wish and as per your price. This includes 1 Day, 7 Days, and 30 Days offers.

telenor Make Your Own Offer

Telenor Make Your Own Offer Online – My Telenor App

Now you can get this offer with the help of your smartphone. Android and iPhone users can download this application absolutely free by visiting their respective play store. After downloading the application, log in to it, then on the screen, you will get the Telenor Make Your Own Offere option, go to it, select your number of days, for how many days you want to apply the package, and then in the following field. You can activate your Internet MB Telenor to Telenor Minutes Telenor to other network minutes SMS social media Internet data Along with it, its price and discount will also be showing.

telenor Make Your Own Offer

Telenor Make Your Own Offer Code

If you don’t have a smartphone and want to activate this offer through a code, Telenor has introduced a facility to activate this offer through a code as well. Now you can avail of this offer on your bar phone by dialing the code. *347#

telenor Make Your Own Offer

Buraq Conclusion

In conclusion, Telenor Make Your Own Offer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a subscription package for their specific needs. With this customizable Telenor Make Your Own Offer you can choose the Internet MB, minutes, other network minutes, and SMS that you need, You can avail of the great offer of Telenor and subscribe to your package according to your price.

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