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Today we will talk about PTCL Flash Fiber. As you all know Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTCL is the (ISP) internet service provider in Pakistan. PTCL has launched its new technology in Pakistan which they have named PTCL Flash fiber is a new technology from PTCL itself which is based on FTTH technology. For those who don’t know what FTTH means, it means Fiber to the Home. PTCL has upgraded their GPON technology which they have named PTCL Flash Fiber. PTCL claims that Flash Fiber is faster than GPON technology.

According to PTCL, their Flash Fiber is better and faster internet than Broadband Internet. Because it has FTTH technology, PTCL claims that this internet is high-speed with the speed you can get up to 1 GBPS.

PTCL Flash Fibre

PTCL Flash Fiber Coverage

PTCL flash fiber head is new technology so its coverage is in a few areas and cities of Pakistan. find your city which is listed below if it has provided coverage in your city currently, Flash Fiber is available in 52 cities in Pakistan.

BahawalpurChakwalChenab NagarChitral
DG KhanFaisalabadGwadarGujranwala
GujratHaripurHassan AbdalHyderabad
LahoreMansehraMandi BahuudinMardan
PAF RisalpurQuettaRahim Yar KhanRawalpindi
SujawalSukkurSwatTando Muhammad Khan

PTCL Flash Fiber Review

According to our research, PTCL Flash Fiber is currently providing its service in a few major cities in Pakistan. We have created a side-by-side comparison table of PTCL Broadband and PTCL Flash Fiber, which includes both features. You can read these features and choose the best one for you.

PTCL Flash FiberPTCL Broadband
Only available few cities in PakistanPTCL broadband is widely Available in Pakistan
Expensive to InstallEasy to install and Cheaper
Just Loses ±5% of its internet speedLoses 90±5% of internet speed because the use of copper cable
Lower Ping Higher Ping
No loss of connection caused by RainLoss of connection if rainy weather

PTCL Flash Fiber Benefits

PTCL fiber has many advantages, some of which are listed below.

  • It has the same upload speed as its downloading speed.
  • it has high-speed internet.
  • There is no maintenance of any kind for it.
  • Give Smart Tv service.
  • Unlimited Downloading.
  • Unlimited on-net minutes.
  • Up to 40% off on advance payment.

Flash Fiber PTCL Packages

Package MB’sFeaturesPrice
10 MBUnlimited Downloading + Smart Tv + On MiuntesRs. 2,299 +Tax
20 MBUnlimited Downloading + Smart Tv + On MiuntesRs. 2,829 +Tax
30 MBUnlimited Downloading + Smart Tv + On MiuntesRs. 3,499 +Tax
50 MBUnlimited Downloading + Smart Tv + On MiuntesRs. 4,899 +Tax
75 MBUnlimited Downloading + Smart Tv + On MiuntesRs. 6,849 +Tax
100 MBUnlimited Downloading + Smart Tv + On MiuntesRs. 8,249 +Tax
250 MBUnlimited Downloading + Smart Tv + On MiuntesRs. 15,299 +Tax

Without Smart Tv Packages Prices.

Package MB’sFeaturesPrice
10 MBUnlimited Downloading + On MiuntesRs. 1,999 +Tax
20 MBUnlimited Downloading + On MiuntesRs. 2,529 +Tax
30 MBUnlimited Downloading + On MiuntesRs. 3,199 +Tax
50 MBUnlimited Downloading + On MiuntesRs. 4,599 +Tax
75 MBUnlimited Downloading + On MiuntesRs. 6,549 +Tax
100 MBUnlimited Downloading + On MiuntesRs. 7,849 +Tax
250 MBUnlimited Downloading + On MiuntesRs. 14,999 +Tax

How to Order PTCL Flash Fiber

To get PTCL Flash Fiber you need to visit the PTCL Flash Fiber website and place your order. However, below the package you want to install, there is an order now button If you click on it, you will be asked for information. After confirming the order PTCL representative calls you for the order confirmation after that comes to your place and provides you flash fiber connection. But before that, you should order check coverage in your area and then place your order.


If you are fed up with your slow internet and want your internet to be the fastest, you can use PTCL flash fiber and enjoy mind-blowing speed. If you have PTCL flash fiber coverage in your city then you use it is super fast internet. As PTCL flash fiber is currently available in some major cities of Pakistan, we hope that soon PTCL Flash Fiber technology will be launched in your city as well.

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